In the current testing times, when key and accessible support for the most vulnerable is limited, the Tim Henman Foundation Online project aims to extend learning beyond the classroom to spark imagination and inspire dreams for all young children. We do not prejudge what will spark them to imagine, venture or dream. The Tim Henman Foundation has influenced many young lives through its extensive outreach programme into school communities in areas of deprivation. This programme has been delivered in association with other educational charities like the Compass For Life Foundation and the Smallpeice Trust and now there is the opportunity to deliver some of these activities in the form of weekly online challenges.

Each Wednesday a series of challenges (including some hosted by Tim Henman) will be released on Tim Henman Foundation Online  that will help primary aged children stay topical, have fun and be fulfilled during these uncertain times. Importantly, all of the challenges are designed so that they make use of everyday household items and require minimal supervision, allowing parents to get on with their own work whilst knowing their children are extending their learning beyond the classroom (or the kitchen table, as it may be right now!).

Why We Work Together

The Tim Henman Foundation, Compass for Life Foundation and The Smallpeice Trust share a vision: 

  • To transform the lives of vulnerable young people
  • To inspire all those who work with life-limited and life-threatened young people­ parents, teachers, carers and leaders
  • To extend learning beyond the classroom
  • To build long term aspirations for young people
  • To increase our impact through collaboration
  • To seek to tailor our offering to meet the needs of individuals and communities

Our initial programme is an 8 Week Series of Wednesday Challenges and we hope to extend this.